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Lost in Translation- Controversial Movie Titles That Confuse Audiences

Posted: 2023/03/21

Movies are a global phenomenon, and it’s not unusual for films to be translated into different languages to cater to audiences around the world. However, the process of translating a movie title can be a tricky business. Sometimes the translation can be straightforward, but in other cases, it can be quite controversial. In this blog […]

What Legal Documents Require Translation In The USA

When it comes to the world of translation, things are pretty straightforward until you have governments and legal systems get involved. Once you have to work within the legal system and across national borders, there are a whole new series of checks and balances involved to create an “official” and legally recognized translation.     […]

Tips For English To Spanish Translation

Tips You Must Follow for English into Spanish Document Translation   While a basic translation is not exactly difficult for those who are bilingual, translating a document to a professional level requires a much higher level of language competence than you may at first realize.   Think about this, while a professional writer only needs […]

What are the Metrics to Look for in Translation Quality Control?

Posted: 2022/11/11

In the translation industry, accuracy and quality matter above all else. If your translations are not accurate, you could be misunderstood by others, cause offense, or come off as nonsensical. Inaccuracy could result in your documents being rejected by government agencies or your business losing out on customers and money; this is why it’s so […]

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The Spanish Group Makes the Inc. 5000 National List

Posted: 2021/08/19

We are proud to announce that The Spanish Group has been made a part of the Inc. 5000 national list, ranking number 1,542 out of the 5000 fastest-growing small businesses in the United States. This recognition was based on our revenue growth of over 300%, which was a true triumph as it occurred amongst the […]

Certified Translation

Most Widely Translated Website in the World!

Posted: 2021/08/06

Have you ever wondered what the most translated website is? The most translated website worldwide is the JW website, the official website of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The non-denominational Christian organization has members from around the world. The headquarters for the Jehovah’s Witnesses is based in New York. The organization’s official website provides visitors with: Questions […]

Certified Translation

Languages Spoken in China

Posted: 2021/08/06

China has the oldest written language in the world, dating back 6,000 years ago. A written language uses symbols to represent different vocabulary. A standard Chinese dictionary has over 40,000 symbols, but one only needs to learn 4,000 characters to read a Chinese newspaper. This article highlights other Chinese languages and the translation issues involved. […]

Certified Translation

Visa Requirements for Mexican Citizens

Posted: 2021/07/15

Visa requirements are a standard set by administrative authorities defining how entry to their countries is regulated. Visas and passports are the essential entry requirement or permit across borders. The authorities have come up with different statutes that Mexican visa holders should have.   A Mexican passport should accompany the Visa to enjoy traveling across […]

The Importance of Translation for Matters Involving HR

Human resources are a crucial element of today’s businesses. A good human resources department is integral in developing and guiding a company’s culture and ensuring that the daily operations and attitudes in a workplace are conducive to keeping employees productive and happy. Without a good HR division, finding, training, and retaining key talent is almost […]

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